Sky Brooks Studio

Process Painting involves allowing yourself to paint without expectations or any knowledge or training in how to paint. You need no experience and there are no rules or techniques to learn. It’s a way of painting in which you do learn to trust your intuition as a guide and go beyond the anxiety of trying to create a nice ‘picture’. Many people say they are not creative therefore can’t take the class. This process challenges that self limiting concept. By learning to listen internally and through painting we begin to trust ourselves and the images, colors and forms as they emerge on the paper. For beginning painters or those wanting a fresh dive into their creative process, this class provides a place to explore. When self criticism and judgment are quieted you become more free to create.

This class offers quiet space and time for a very personal journey, a liberating process in which you open yourself to whatever arises in color and form on a piece of paper. The class is not about teaching you to paint a picture, it provides guidance, inspiration and a container in which to discover your unique and genuine expression through painting.

Classes are usually every other month in Boulder. We start a full day on Saturday with a potluck lunch and continue for a half day on Sunday.

$150.00 includes all materials

Please contact me about classes if you are interested. All questions welcome! I also teach papier mache mask making.

Sky Brooks